Craig Ballantyne Weight Reduction Expert

Craig Ballantyne isn’t like any other physical fitness expert. In fact, he’s the first personal trainer to begin a Fat Loss Certification based on the mission of helping 1 Million men and females transform their bodies and their lives. This program is referred to as, “The Turbulence Training Transformation Certification”.

Craig began his career helping customers lose fat whilst within the mid-1990′s. At that time he was Kinesiology student at McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario where he went on to obtain an advanced Master’s Degree in Exercise Physiology.

But much more importantly, his journey began all of the way back when he was just four years old, in the course of a routine vehicle ride home from town together with his mom. Little Craig noticed that his mom was upset that day, and asked why she was sad. It turns out his mom had just had yet another disappointing pay a visit to to her weight loss club, and she wasn’t creating progress. That day stuck with him for over 3 decades, and is one of the driving factors behind his objective to assist a million individuals transform their bodies and their lives with a body transformation.

Initially, Craig got began with his interest in fitness because he wanted to boost his sports performance. A fundamental York physical exercise machine in his basement was enough to maintain him going for 6 months, just before he traded that for a portable CD player as well as a membership to the local YMCA. That’s where he began lifting weights, and got stronger, faster, and a lot more athletic for soccer and hockey.

At age 18, Craig was heavy into bodybuilding, and was accepted into McMaster University. While in college, Craig became fascinated with exercise physiology, and in his final year he earned his initial individual training certification and started to work with clients for fat loss, and slowly began building a side company working with athletes.

It was a mixture of his advanced athlete workouts, everyday fat loss programs, his scientific analysis, and his reading within the library that led Craig to develop a program known as Turbulence Training. The very first ever TT article was published in 2001, and about the exact same time Craig also began writing for Men’s Well being magazine.

Because that time Craig has gone on to create over 150 Turbulence Training workouts, and his articles and suggestions have been published in over a dozen magazines. Plus, Craig has also developed an enterprise helping trainers get started on the internet.

These experiences have led to the Turbulence Training Certification, now available to help over 1 million folks transform their bodies and their lives.