Flavia Del Monte – Future of Female Health and Fitness

Flavia Del Monte will be the future of female fitness. Not only has she
transformed her physique from slim to lean-fit-sexy, Flavia also has a heart of
gold and is among the kindest and most giving fitness professionals I know.

But don’t let her kindness fool you, she’ll still put you via
challenging workouts which will sculpt your body and put curves in all the
proper locations with her new Full-Body-Licious routines.

Flavia Del Monte – Formula for a Flawless Figure

Flavia DelmonteFlavia calls it “The Female’s Formula for a Flawless Figure”, and from what I noticed of her recently in Tampa when I did a workout with her and her husband Vince Del Monte, I know her program works.

If you have trouble-spots, like your thighs, butt, stomach, or arms, that want additional attention, then Flavia’s workouts will fix those and give you the female figure that’s sexy, hot, and turns heads.

Flavia is living proof that the program works. Not merely does Flavia have lean, sexy abs, but she also moves like an athlete, which is incredibly appealing as well. Being lean and

athletic will catch any guy’s eye, and her confidence is via the roof since she began this new routine.

I very first met Flavia when her then-boyfriend Vince Del Monte brought her to
Tampa, Florida to hang out having a bunch of fitness specialists, including Joel
Marion, John Romaniello, and myself. Like everyone else, I was instantly a
big fan of Flavia, and I’m sure I wasn’t the only 1 thinking, “Wow Vinny,
this girl is fantastic.what’s your secret?” (Ha!)

Because that first meeting, Flavia has dedicated herself to fitness.
Originally a caring nurse within the pediatric ward of a hospital here in
Canada, Flavia has decided to join our mission of helping millions of men
and women around the world transform their bodies and their lives. And
that’s why she’s worked so tough to put this program together for you.
Flavia Del Monte Fitness Program

So here’s what you’ll get in Flavia’s new fitness program which is guaranteed
to help you lose fat and provide you with a flawless figure with difficult function and the
correct diet plan. Flavia will take you via five workouts in her on-line videos,
demonstrating the exercises with best form for every of these:

Day 1 – The Tight N Trim Thighs Workout
Day 2 – The Show-Off Stomach
Day three – The Sleek N Shapely Shoulders
Day four – The Booty Booster
Day five – The Gorgeous Backside

As you’ll be able to see, Flavia’s system is set-up for all the females who like a
small physical exercise time each week, and most ladies work far better having something
to do each day of the week.

This enables you to stay on track with a simple program that shows you
Specifically what you should do to sculpt those troublespots and lose body fat
from all over whilst tightening up every muscle group.

Flavia’s program is among the most specialized programs for ladies. Produced
for sexy females by a sexy woman.

So if you are ready to obtain a flawless figure, then you’re about to obtain the
precise program you’ll need from Flavia DelMonte.

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