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Vertical Leap can be Increased With These 3 Simple Strategies

A long term struggle that many athletes face, is increasing their vertical leap. This is a vital skill that many athletes for different sports can not ignore. Almost any athlete can improve their jumping ability, thereby aiding them in their particular sport. Having the right mindset paired with good exercises is vital. Disappointment or frustration with your results can actually slow your progress down. So you can excel at the games you love, follow these useful tips to increase your vertical leap. You should mull over trying out a sport other than your main sport that requires you to jump. As an example, if you play basketball, test out volleyball or sprinting. This will cause you to use your body in patterns that you are all new to you. If you only workout with one sport, you most likely more the same ways every time. A different activity will teach your body new moves that you can apply to your primary sport. When it comes jumping, you will learn that different sports will have you utilizing different methods for jumping. By varying this, your body will gain new abilities and you’ll have an edge over people who only play one [...]

Posted by admin - June 11, 2012 at 8:11 pm

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